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Enhance Your Home with Our Residential HVAC Services in Simcoe

To make sure you have the best heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for your family’s home, consider residential HVAC services in Simcoe from Causyn Cooling & Heating. Our services include providing top-of-the-line products from brands Lennox® and Venmar CES.

Add Lennox® to Your Home

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These Lennox® HVAC systems, such as air conditioners and generators, can help provide your home with the perfect balance of comfort, protection, and peace of mind.

Key features from these systems include:

You can learn more about these features by entering the official Lennox® website for residential products.

Feeling Under the Weather?

Don’t let winter’s icy chill or summer’s dry heat get you down! Let us help you keep the right temperature.

Get the Right Temperature

Recover Heat for Your Home with Venmar CES

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As a certified Venmar CES dealer, Causyn Cooling & Heating can provide top quality heat recovery ventilators (HRVs).

An HRV can provide the following benefits:

  • Minimized service and maintenance requirements — Its plate heat exchangers have no moving parts that need excess service or maintenance.
  • Post-conditioning options* — These options include hot water, electricity, chilled water, steam, hot gas reheat, and split DX coils.
  • A long-lasting, durable product — With the option to use a corrosive coating, you can make sure the HRV has a cabinet and components that can withstand caustic environments.
  • Customizable plate heat exchangers — An HRV is available with polypropylene, aluminum, or heat moisture (HM) construction media.
  • Easy clean-up — There are double-sloped drain pans that are integrated to provide an easy clean-up that does not involve water to prevent microbial growth and potential IAQ issues.

*Please note that option availability may vary by model.

For further information on these benefits, please enter the official Venmar CES website.

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